Wednesday, March 3, 2010

cast of characters...

As mentioned before, we are frequently re-enacting Princess stories around here. During a recent visit, Emory's Gigi generously bestowed upon Emory the gift of Snow White. This happens to be Emory's favorite movie. Some of the more recent characters that various family members have been assigned are:

Ethan - the hag's crow, a dwarf, Prince Charming
Daddy - Prince Charming
Mommy - usually the hag or queen, but sometimes I am allowed to be Snow White
Emory - one guess!

And we are always to start at the point in which the hag knocks on the dwarfs' cottage to bring Snow White the poisoned apple. When Emory is cast as the hag, she'll extend her hand to me and say, "Here, I've brought you a poisoned apple." We've tried and tried to explain the notion of the hag's trickery and that she doesn't let on that the apple is poisoned, but our words continue to fall on deaf ears. Oh well!

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filiagratiae said...

We need more honest villains in the world!