Wednesday, May 21, 2008

God's goodness to a toddler...

Life in the Skocelai household is a little topsy-turvey right now. Emory has an 8-week-old covenant sister that she is learning to share mommy with, VBS is coming up, our house is on the market so we're never here, and Emory is boycotting food and sleep. The food boycott is because she is getting her last 4 teeth (not molars!) and the sleep boycott is because she had her first major scare Sunday night. It's a long story and another post.

Soooo, I bounce between expecting high things from my little girl and extending loads of compassion. After a crying "storm" on Monday when Emory had to learn a much needed lesson in waiting on Mommy, we headed out to the bank to make a deposit (thank goodness!). I had told Emory that we would get a sucker there. All the way she chanted, "Blue sucker. Red sucker. Blue sucker. Red sucker." When we pulled up to the window, I rolled down my window and asked the teller for either a blue or red sucker making sure she knew she would be making a toddler's day. I was promptly informed that they were fresh out.

Keep in mind that there is a happy toddler with a tear stained face in the backseat chanting, "Blue sucker. Red sucker. Blue sucker. Red sucker." My heart sank and cried out, "Lord! What am I going to do? Come on, throw me a line here and tell me how to avoid dissappointing this little girl again." I remembered that I had a few actual dollar bills in my wallet we headed over to the dollar store for a bag of suckers. Dum Dums was all I was looking for. God had better plans for Emory. In the candy aisle there lay a bag of cotton candy (I know, eewwwww!) flavored suckers. Blue and red swirl. Ain't God good?

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