Friday, May 16, 2008

Top 5 least fave household chores...

Here ya go, Renie, in order of ascending importance:

5.) grocery shopping
4.) bringing in the groceries
3.) putting up the groceries
2.) putting away the clean, folded clothes (do we see some sort of pattern here? Maybe this is why it has been miserable to have a house on the market... I hate to put things away!)
1.) washing dishes

There you go! I usually wait until these things can't possible wait any longer. Like, when all of the laundry baskets are sitting around the house with folded clothes in them and the washer and dryer are waiting to be relieved of their contents. Let me know what your least favorite chores are, too.


Philip and Renie said...

I forgot about grocery shopping. Just wait until you have two. There is no shopping cart in Birmingham that will accommodate both an infant seat and a wild 2-3 year old!

~Amanda~ said...

I HATE to put up the dishes in the dishwasher and I HATE to sit and fold clothes. I think it stems back to my childhood days b/c that is what mine and my sister's chores were. Of course I still have to do it, but I will put it off(the laundry more so than the dishes)until I have made a mountain. LOL!! Glad to know I'm not alone!!