Thursday, May 29, 2008

the irony of being a woman...

I am in a Wednesday night Bible study with a group of women in our church. In this study there is a woman about to give birth to her first child. She is two weeks away from her due date and is getting "that look". You know the one. She just looks miserable. And, I feel for her. I went 12 days late with Emory and was finally induced, so I well remember waiting and being soooo miserable. I think I would have actually eaten pig's feet or something else equally disgusting if someone had told me that it would induce labor. Those of you who were around in those days missed a wonderful opportunity to get me to do some really wierd stuff. On a side note, one day I will post a couple of classic pregnant Sarah stories that I think still get told at parties.

Anyhoo, as I was watching Wendi shift her position every 30 seconds in an attempt to dislodge the foot that was caught in her ribcage, I had this thought. There is nothing that is more feminine than pregnancy. It is completely and totally something that defines us as a woman. It is something we can do that men can't. So, one could say that there is nothing more feminine than pregnancy. But, is there anything that makes you feel less feminine than pregnancy? When I watch Baby Noah with Emory and see the walrus wallering about on the ice, it looks strikingly like how I felt like I looked those last 6 weeks. And, there is nothing feminine about a walrus wallering about on the ice.

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Robert and Tiffany Adams said...

Haha! You're writing is great! Poor Wendi! :)