Monday, May 12, 2008

Life lessons...

Below are some life lessons that I have learned, all of them by experience! Enjoy.

1.) Your mom really does know what she is talking about.
2.) A soft answer turns away wrath, even the wrath of a toddler.
3.) Don't get so mad at the person who runs a red light. They might just really have to pee!
4.) God's way is always best.
5.) Never say never unless you are prepared to prove it.
6.) To get good friends you must be a good friend.
7.) A kiss really will brighten your hubby's mood at the end of the day.
8.) It's hard to be grumpy if you're singing.
9.) Smell fast! Babies don't stay fresh long after a bath.
10.) Don't pull weeds in front of your toddler unless you want her pulling up your pretty flowers.

What are your life lessons? I'd love to "hear"!

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