Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day...

Typically, we would have been driving back from the beach today, but we are one of the thousands of Americans who opted out of our travel plans because of the price of gas right now. So, instead, daddy used his day off to give me a day off. He loaded Emmy up bright and early this morning and they took off to the zoo. I enjoyed a morning of uninterrupted cleaning, blogging, and chatting on the phone. Emmy and her daddy enjoyed loads of animals, a train ride, and water play in the fountain at the zoo.

When they got home we all had a quick lunch and then off to bed for a nap. Because Emory is boycotting anything that resembles sleep, that nap only lasted for 45 minutes. Oh well! She and I ran some quick errands while daddy finished his nap on the couch and then it was off to our friend's house for a BBQ and homemade ice cream. Yum! I have the world's best cooks for friends!

Emmy had a blast going up and down their stairs and just generally being the center of attention. She also kept us in stitches by announcing, "Oh my gosh!" every few moments. And, no, I am not responsible for that one. I say "Oh my goodness!". I have no idea who says, "Oh my gosh." But it's really funny when she says it because she says it real serious like and looks you dead in the eye. Sometimes she shortens it to just, "Oh Gosh!" which makes me laugh until my sides hurt. So, while the actual phrase is not my fault, the fact that she continues to use it is my fault since I think it is hysterical. Her daddy, on the other hand, is not a big fan of the new phrase, which makes it even funnier when she says it at completely random times.

After our BBQ and homemade ice cream (which Em had 2 helpings of and then went around the room to all the adults present begging for "some!") we came home and put the little one down to bed. Tonight there was no crying! Amazing! Could it be that we are seeing a light at the end of the tunnel? We'll see come 4:30am tomorrow.

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