Monday, May 26, 2008

I'm thankful for...

- washing machines (can you imagine washing clothes by hand?!)
- blogs where you can read of cheap beach escapes and great recipes
- husbands who take the toddler who refuses to sleep to the zoo (on his day off!) so you can catch up on some much needed cleaning and resting
- the discovery of deoderant
- washable mop heads (mine gets so gross!)
- dads who share their grass fed cow with you so that you have the best ribs for a Memorial Day BBQ
- toddlers who are still cute even after keeping you from sleep all week
- friends who are willing to give of their Saturday afternoon and evenings to share their photography talent with you
- realtors who do all the dirty work
- beautiful, sunny days to spend with your family
- clean sheets, clean showers, clean floors
- friends with great swing sets who let you drop by barely announced when your husband is working late and you are all out of ideas of how to amuse a cranky toddler
- sweet, elderly neighbors who share the beauty of their garden with you by bringing you a bouquet of fresh flowers
- a great CD to listen to while you blog
- a heavenly Father who created all of the above for His glory and my enjoyment

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