Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Momma's Day!

I hope all you mommas out there had a great day! Mine started out slow since Eric was duty deacon today which meant he was gone by 6:45 and I was flying solo to get ready for church. No big deal, just like a regular day, ya know? Then, Emory had a small tantrum at lunch that require a "firm reminder" that we DO NOT slap the plate out of mommy's hand if she takes it before we are finished. After only napping for an hour I was about to ask her daddy to take her somewhere for some daddy-daughter quality time. But I got over it by reminding myself to delight in her rather see her as a burden and we loaded up and headed to our neighborhood park. There she enjoyed meeting two new friends just her age and size. Must have been a lot of short nappers around here today.

After the park some of our good friends came over for a Mother's Day feast. Daddy grilled my favorite meal ever - hamburgers - and I baked us up some crinkle fries. I had a Diet Coke and my dream meal was complete! Before dinner the kids could not resist splashing around in the wading pool we had out front. After flopping like fish for about 5 minutes, the kids decided they were cold and ready to eat. For dessert the girls enjoyed popsicles outside with the daddies while the mommas visited inside. Since everyone was sticky and cold we tossed them all into the tub for as long as I could stand it. The evening was capped off by a "accident" that left my friend with wet underwear that she was not responsible for. What a great evening! It was honestly the most enjoyable evening meal we've had with friends in a long time. Emory has really grown up into a very enjoyable stage and I actually get to eat now when we sit down to a meal.

I've put together a montage of Emmy's life so far. My mother has always told me I was special because I was the one who made her a mommy. I feel the same about Emory. From one first born to another - "this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship!"

Here's lookin' at you, kid!

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