Wednesday, May 21, 2008

No ice for the Skocelai...

Not by my design, but ice is a rare treat in this household. Last year we purchased a new fridge for a dirt cheap price. It came with an ice maker, something we've never had. I had always filled ice cube trays and kept ice that way, but this time last year all my trays were filled with baby food cubes. And I never could remember to buy more at Walmart or wherever you buy ice trays. So, I was ecstatic that we owned a fridge with an ice maker. I LOVE ICE! But alas, there is not a water line for which to hook up to the fridge in order to get the water which is oh so necessary for ice. And, I've never gotten back into the habit of keeping my trays filled so I could have my Diet Coke on ice during naptime.

Today I discovered another good use for the ice dispenser. It entertained Emory long enough for me to vacuum my house without pulling her out of the toilet, getting her out of the kitchen sink, or chasing her to get daddy's glasses back. A blessing in disguise!

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elizabeth campbell said...

Sarah! I just have to say that Emory is soo cute! She is really growing into quite the little lady! We have not been to B'ham for a visit in a while, but will hopefully be coming for the Petersen baptism in a few weeks....hope to see y'all there!