Sunday, June 1, 2008

Father's Day already?

It is if your hubby loves beer! This year's gift was a ticket to the 2nd annual Magic City Brewfest. Eric went last year as a last minute thing and loved it. This year he knew to be looking for it and was able to get a group of guys together to go. It is organized by Free the Hops, an organization dedicated to the lobbying for the passing of legislation to raise the legal limit of the alcohol percentage of beers to be sold in our great state. In short, in means that people who really love beer could actually buy some really great beer to enjoy locally rather than plan their vacations to places like Asheville, NC so they can bring home hundreds of dollars of really great beer.

A word to the wise... buy your tickets next year at the gate. The advertised ticket price to buy before the event is $22, but by the time you get done with all the fees that ticketmaster slaps you with you are paying $32. It is better to go ahead and buy your ticket at the gate when you attend. It is going to be just as expensive, $32, but all your money goes for the cause and not to silly fees ticketmaster has you pay.

I hope to be able to join DH next year. I was scheduled to make an appearance after the toddler awoke from her Sunday rest (yes, she was going with me, there are tons of kids there!). However, the rain prevented me from schlepping her all the way out to Sloss. More like, it was the lightening and thunder that kept us at Ms. Tiffany's and not the rain.

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