Monday, June 23, 2008


Oh yes! So very "cheesy" I know, but we had a terrific time with our friends. We got there much later than we had anticipated on Friday night due to an errand that went haywire, so Emory had to wait until Saturday morning to meet "the boys". All 3 of us slept in the same room and she did great. Never gave us a moment's trouble about going down and even slept in late. However, once she was awake and discovered that we were in the same room... there was a rousing chorus of "wake up Mommy!", "wake up Daddy!". Made her daddy smile, though.

Emory had a blast playing with her new friends and their toys. Because K still takes a morning nap, we got a slow start on Saturday morning. It was just what the doctor ordered. The zoo was great and so much better than our own local zoo. My friend, D, is such a great cook and hostess and we were well fed. Saturday evening her parents drove in from South Carolina on their way home from visiting with D's brother, wife, and their little boy. Even though I know they had to be exhausted, they sent the mommies and daddies out on the town while they watched the little ones... dinner, bath, bed, and all!

We got to do one of my most favorite things together.... drink beer and listen to live music. D and B took us to a microbrew downtown known affectionately as the "Brewpub". We each indulged in the local suds and decided to split an appetizer so that we would still be able to make our own decisions :). It has been a long time since I've had so much fun. We got a couple of beers into D and I began to learn so much about my husband's college days. He and D were tight back then and she knows lots of stuff he'd never want me to know. Let's just say my husband had quite the knack for using flowers for symbolism way back then. And, I've never laughed harder.

When the nightlife got a little too loud for us old folk we headed over to the ballpark where the game was in extra innings. After watching the Biscuits succumb to the Braves we took in the fireworks and headed home.

Here are some of the pictures from the weekend. Enjoy!

Even though Emory is a year and more younger than J, se insisted on riding like a big girl and he was content to sit up front in the double stroller. He was so sweet to her.

Eventually, the thrill of riding like a big girl wore off. Letting her walk unassisted is not an option.

Emory and J enjoying coloring and a morning snack together.

K is the cutest and most content "baby" I've ever had the pleasure of beng around. I could just eat him up!

Wathcing the elephants. Yes, that is me letting my child stand on the window sill while everyone else keeps their feet on the floor like they are supposed to.

J made sure we didn't get lost and that we hit every exhibit that we wanted to see.

K was such a trooper! This is his attempt to nap in the stroller at the zoo.

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The Whelans said...

Aww, such fun! I want to do stuff like that with y'all! Forget this guys' weekend thing--let's do family vacation weekend =)