Sunday, June 8, 2008


I was thinking a lot this week about how we, as a society, seem to glorify the "I will not be taken advantage of" mentality. I can't remember how it hit me, I think the Today Show was on in the background, but I remember thinking how unlovely some woman sounded as she recounted a situation in which she put someone back in their place. It sounded like one of the most arrogant, self seeking stories I had ever heard. I was seething about how our society glorifies taking care of ourselves, our "needs", our "rights". I was wrapped up in thinking, "How dare they be so arrogant. Thank God I am not at all like 'them'." And then the Spirit reminded me of a very recent conversation where I arrogantly stood up for myself. I took care of me and I was so proud of myself. I probably even bragged to dear hubby about it.

Sad to say, I think we are all seekers of self. I spend so much time ordering my days so that I am convenienced the least amount. I have been so humbled by these thoughts this week and wanted to share. I am so glad that Christ was willing to be incovenienced, gave up His rights, surrendered His pride, and allowed Himself to be falsly accused to the point of giving up His life. You all had better be glad it was Him and not me. Not meaning any disrespect, but if had been up to me.... well, just be glad it was Him and not me.

There are times in my walk when the joy of my salvation is overflowing and this is one of them. I pray that it lasts as I embark on a week of PMS, VBS, out of town company, Father's day, a house on the market, packing, toddlers, etc... see you next week!

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