Wednesday, June 4, 2008

the pediatrician...

So, we go to one of those doctors that like to see the kids every 3 months until they are 18 months old. So, today we had our last visit for a while. I've become quite comfy with our doc, and I like him a lot. For some reason, Emory's excitement to see him always strikes him as remarkable. Poor guy. He must be used to kids screaming when he walks in the room. However, Emory is just that kind of gal. She doesn't know a stranger. On our way to the zoo on Monday we had the windows rolled down. She actually greeted each person we would pull up next to at stop lights. And, there was no ignoring her. She would wave and yell "HI!" until the poor driver or backseat passenger would finally roll down their window and greet her. What a great trait. I love that about her. I hope that she's brightened at least one person's day who otherwise felt forgotten. And, I hope she never loses that cheeriness, either.

The girl is tall. And I mean off the charts tall. Has been since day one. And she's "skinny" too. She lost a little weight in between visits. No surprise there. I mean, she's a toddler and food has become something to avoid at all costs these days. But the weight loss has put her below the 50th percentile. Doc's not worried, he just grins and says, "She's got the body type every girl dreams of... tall and thin." Let's hope she stays that way. It's quite possible. All the females on my dad's side are tall and thin. Everyone on my dad's side is tall and thin. Except my dad and one of my great uncles. They got some sort of short and stumpy throwback gene.

The best part of this trip? NO SHOTS!!!! YEA!!! I hate watching her get shots. Yeah, I'm "that" mom who has a hard time seeing the good things about shots and can't seem to get past the immediate pain and torture it causes my child. And at our doctor they make the mommy hold the kid down. Not fair! So, it is me that she gets mad at because she can't even see the nurse to know that she is the one causing all the pain and torture. And I get the front row seat to see her face go from happy, to wait a minute what's going on here?, to hey someone's poking me with something sharp, to HEY THAT REALLY HURT!

In my opinion, it only gets harder as they get older and more aware of situations. Next visit when she gets 4 shots, I'll probably end up promising her a pony. Good thing we have a big backyard.

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~Amanda~ said...

Sad to tell you, it doesn't get better. When they get old enough to realize what they are going for & that they get shots, it's rough so go ahead & be prepared. Make sure your husband goes with you b/c I've done the "do the shots by yourself thing" & it's not fun at all! They had to have four people hold my daughter down for her 5 year old was tough & broke my heart at the same time. You just have to reassure them that you love, love, love them!! :)