Monday, June 30, 2008

Strange but true...

Toddlers are just plain wierd. They can be adorable, quirky, or maddening depending on your outlook on life. Right now, Emory is just plain quirky to me. Since every new stage is unchartered in the waters of parenthood for us, we seem to always find ourselves stumped and at a complete loss as to how to handle each new situation that "appears" to need our attention. I say "appears" because I am positive that since we are newbies to this parenting thing, we are more than likely handling things better left alone. We'll learn, eventually, to sometimes just let sleeping dogs lie.

But on to how my adorable toddler was quirky today. Emory awoke earlier than I felt like I could handle this afternoon from her nap. After some quick thinking and a phone call to another mom who's toddler is not a great napper, we were on our way to a playdate at the park. Emory is into choices right now, and I am sure she will stay there for the next 40 years. She now gets to choose which shoes she wears - tennis shoes or sandals. Either one is fine with me on any given day and she gets to feel a little more in control of her world.

She picked her tennis shoes to wear to the park. A wise choice indeed, since the park has mulch that would probably irritate her by getting into her sandals. On the way to the park (and I kid you not) my beloved daughter was mad AT ME (!) because she couldn't see her toes. Why do moms take all the flack? And why are toddlers so wierd?

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