Monday, June 2, 2008

there's no turning back now...

It seems as though maybe our sleep deprivation has been due to a developmental happening deep in the toddler's brain. Or teeth. Or fear. Or sin. Whatever... But, whatever the cause we are finally sleeping much better at night, although I am still awaiting the return of our afternoon nap.. Since she's never really been a terrific napper, I am not pleased at this turn of events. Maybe I should have seen it coming. We've always thought she might drop a nap this early, since she has never seemed to require much daytime sleep. Heck, her entire first full day of life she never slept, not even once! I do not exaggerate this information at all, ask anyone who was there. And all I could think was, "Crap! An alert newborn."

Back to the developmental jump... we're speaking in sentences now. No, not me. I mastered that quite a while ago. But Emory had a few sentences today. Ones she actually came up with on her own, not the kind where she is just repeating me. And they were funny sentences, too. I't not surprised. I have a feeling that she's pretty witty, and I also think she's going to have a lot to say :). Here is a sampling of today's "developmental progress":

It was time to get daddy up for work and I had sent Emory into our room to wake him. I walked back behind her, sat on the bed, and patted daddy saying "wake up daddy." When there was virtually no intelligible response from under the covers, Emory pats her daddy and commands, "Obey Sarah." (Hey Jenn, where do you think that came from?!)

After lunch Emory was enjoying a pre-nap ride in her swing outside. She asked for her juice and I reminded her that it was inside. She looked at me and asked, "Mommy go get it?" Such a princess!

And tonight at dinner she asked for a bite of her daddy's peas (why does the food on our plate always look better to them?). He gave her a bite and she seemed to enjoy it. So, daddy offered her another taste (she didn't have any, she had corn instead) and she shook her head and politely suggested, "No, daddy eat it."

She also requested we sing "Oh! How I love Jesus" tonight during family worship as well as "God is so good." I love seeing her preferences emerge and I love the independence it gives her to be able to communicate those preferences. I look forward to hearing more of her thoughts in the future.

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