Wednesday, January 2, 2008

back to the basics...

Ok! So there are a few of you out there who are aware of how very traumatic letting Emory "cry it out" for the first time at 4 months was for me. Well, let me tell you, it didn't get any better with age! Since Thanksgiving, my child who had been sleeping soundly through the night (even when sick with the croup) and never made a peep once put in her bed, has become a raving lunatic come bedtime. I know that I have dug my own hole by giving in to her, but what's a momma to do when there is a houseful of people Emory doesn't remember ever meeting, when Emory gets a nasty cold, when Emory doesn't eat dinner well and might be hungry... well, you get the point of what a softie I've been. And it cost me 3 hours of up and down, "what do I do?", and finally just letting her cry for the last hour and fifteen minutes last night between midnight and 3:30am. This is after it took almost 2 hours of in and out of her room, rocking, offering milk, and letting her cry to even get her to go to sleep last night.
After sending her daddy to the guest room at 2:00am (there's no reason for the guy who has to perform surgery on people's pets the next day to be low on sleep!), I just gave up on trying to sleep despite the noise and read a good book until Emory got quiet. I couldn't get the visions of my child being irreparably emotionally damaged out of my head anyway, but John Grisham did the trick. So what's the point of this post? Is it to complain? To brag about how hard it is for me to be tough on my kid, so I must be a truly compassionate mom? I don't think so, although I'm too tired to really search my soul on this one right now.
My point is to plead with my Sisters to pray for me in this! I HATE not going to my baby when she cries. It goes against every fiber in my being. Mostly, I just need wisdom and perseverance. There are other behavior issues going on at the moment that lead me to think that little girl just needs to be reassured that her parents are still in charge. So, I am desperately pleading with you, if you think of me at all after getting up from your computer, pray that we will have wisdom to do what is best for baby. And then, pray for Emory, that her heart will be soft and teachable, even in this. Thanks!

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