Friday, January 11, 2008

remember the post about toddlers?

Emory decided to perform a taste and smear test on her Arbonne Baby Care sunscreen and this is the result: ocstinlinate converts to aspirin when ingested and sunscreen wipes up nice and easy with a baby wipe when smeared on hardwoods. I do highly recommend this brand of sunscreen, and obviously Emory does too. We did get a little in our eyes, which was not fun, but I really think had it been a more harsh sunscreen formula, it would have been much worse. And another just so you know, she did not flip open the top, she actually unscrewed the top. Yeah, didn't know she could do that yet.

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Philip and Renie said...

OH, Sarah. I think that beats Philip's recent finger painting with poo story. Did you have to call poison control?