Friday, January 4, 2008

what have the skocelai been up to?

So, I've gone a record 3 days without blogging :). Turns out that prayer really does work, and Emory has completely stopped giving us any trouble at all about going to bed. Not only is there blissful silence after placing her in the crib, but she has also been sleeping until 9:00am. That is unprecedented for her! Here is a very quick update on what we've been up to:
- Emory is now using a fork to eat most meals. I can't believe that is where we are now! This also means that she is eating food she previously boycotted. I'm guessing its the novelty of the fork and the way she can do it all by herself! The first time I gave her a fork, I put the bite of food on it and then laid it on the highchair tray for her to pick up herself. Now, if I hand her the fork, she will put it down on the tray and then pick it up again. I LOVE how ritualed toddlers are!
- Emory has yet another cold. Yes, I know that it is common for this time of year, but that doesn't make it any easier for her.
- Emory has mastered the concept of "hot" and will blow on her food if she sees us doing it. This is yet another novelty which facinates her and there have been meals where she refused to put food in her mouth unless I blew on it for her. Day before yesterday, I blew on each piece of her peanut butter and honey sandwich before she would eat it. I don't know who was laughing harder - her or me.
- My peanut also knows "cold" and will touch the glass door after daddy leaves for work in the morning and say "co, bbuuuuhhh" that is Emory speak for "cold, bbrrrrrrr"
- Our animal noises that we can successfully imitate now are: monkey, elephant, cow, cat, and dog.
- I've decided that my favorite lie ever is "scrub free soap scum remover"

Have a great weekend!


The Whelans said...

9am!!!! what time does she go to bed? Also, feel free to pray for Luke and Jackson to sleep through the night:)

rwilliford said...

Yay!!! Feeding themselves with a spoon bring SUCH freedom! You can finally eat a meal along with everyone else!! Way to go Emory!