Thursday, January 31, 2008

that's not what I meant...

Today was a great day! I went for a great 45 minute run, came home and made plans to meet a friend at the special science center, showered (even got to straighten my hair!), and loaded baby girl up to go. We were having a great time in the car, with Emory pointing out EVERY SINGLE CAR on the road :). Judy Rogers was belting out a song from the radio about how God is a spirit, and Emory began to chant "God! God!" instead of "Car! Car!". Like a good reformed mommy, I decided to use this teachable moment wisely. This conversation was my pitiful attempt:

Emory: "God! God!"
Mommy: "God? Emory, who made you? Can you say, 'God'?"
Emory: "God! God!"
Mommy: "That's right Emory! God made Emory. Let's do it one more time. Emory, who made you? Can you say, 'God'?"
Emory: "Ruff! Ruff!"

Now, how do you suppose her toddler brain interpreted my last question?


Philip and Renie said...

Philip calls dogs, gods, and God, Dog. Maybe she picked up his bad habit.

Reformed Grits said...

I was going to say maybe she's dyslexic...! LOL Totally kidding...