Saturday, January 5, 2008

Holiday photos

So, I haven't shared any Christmas photos yet because I had none. I was so busy just trying to get out of town that I forgot the camera! Fortunately, we were headed to a home that delights in purchasing all the latest and greatest techno stuff there is. So, as photos are shared with me, I'll share with you. Here are two I got this morning. We had a post Christmas lunch this post Sunday with my aunt, uncle and cousins from my mom's side. They had not seen Emory since she was 4 days old. This is the photo record of that gathering.

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rwilliford said...

HEY! That first picture would have made a great Christmas card photo for those of us who want to see the whole family! Did you notice who gave in this year and did just that? I'll give you a hint...her name rhymes with Smicole Nith.