Saturday, January 26, 2008

Which Skocelai female is tougher?

Contrary to popular belief.... IT'S ME! I'm happy to report that my precious monster gave up her hunger strike and decided to eat what was offered at dinner - spaghetti! That was something I'd made her for lunch yesterday and she had refused, spawning the aforementioned tug-of-war. Now, let's see if this trend holds true tomorrow... And, yes, I must confess there was one call to my dear mother (my own personal medical consultant) to ask how long I should let her go before getting worried about her. But see there is one thing Emory doesn't know about her mama... that strong will started here. In fact, I'm pretty sure Dobson's book was written to my mom about me when I was little. So, Em has met her match. I don't like to flaunt it with her, but it's there, in the holster, ready for use when needed. It's just convincing me that it's needed that's tough.....

Thanks for all the encouragement!

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Philip and Renie said...

Oh you've inspired me. Last night Little Philip wouldn't eat his pot pie, because he was having so much fun with his cousins. Then, after Mommy and Daddy came hom from our romantic birthday dinner out, at 10 p.m., Little Philip says "orange please." Daddy gave him an orange, he ate the entire thing and then half another orange. But he did sleep until 6 a.m. So, do I trade sleep problems for meal problems? Right now, I'll take the meals for $500 Alex.