Tuesday, January 29, 2008

ways to tell you are "really" 30....

1.) You aren't familiar with any of the music that the Junior High Youth Group at your church lists as bands they listen to.
2.) You find yourself calculating how, if you wash your hair Friday morning, you won't have to wash it again this weekend when you are away from home.
3.) You think going to bed at 9:00, on Saturday night, is exciting.
4.) You think the 23-year-old married couple at church look soooo young.
5.) Your mom tells you that Christmas shopping for you is easy because your taste is not that far removed from hers.
6.) You feel completely out of place shopping for a bridesmaids dress with your sister, and you've only been married 3 (almost!) years yourself!
7.) You lick your thumb and wipe grime off your daughter's face before you head into Wal-mart.
8.) You can't remember to tell your friend Happy Birthday, even though you saw her that day, on her actual birthday!
9.) You can't sleep past 6:30am.
10.) You've lost all ability to nap during the day, or sit down without folding a load of clothes.

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