Tuesday, March 25, 2008

a bee in my bonnet...

So, something has been bugging me and I need to get it off my chest, so to speak. Recently, I read a woman's blog and something struck me as a little forward. Some background information... this woman is pregnant with her 12th child and most of her childbirths have been at home. I applaud her for having 12 children. Children are a blessing from God, and I ferverently wish I lived like I believed that more often than I do. I don't have a problem with having your babies at home either. I would love to do that, and even let daddy dearest deliver our little arrows. However, he doesn't think that is a wise idea and I happily submit... it's not that big of a deal to me.
My problem lies in the fact that she claims, "We let God plan our family." Which says to me, that any of us who use any kind of method to prevent conception from occuring, are in sin because we are playing God. I'm not here at this time to get into a debate about what forms of birth control are permitted by God. I just want to make to make it known that I think this type of attitude towards family planning seems to be very arrogant to me. We are well aware that it is God who plans our family, and if He desires for us to have more children then we will have them, regardless of whatever family planning method we employ. We don't think we are tying God's hands by using a barrier method or taking a pill.
Another thing, the assertion that when you have an epidural you automatically have a really long labor and push for a really long time is a bunch of bull! My first baby, labor was only 9 hours long, and I pushed for only 17 minutes. And I couldn't feel a thing the whole time! She was also incredibly alert, even though she was subjected to intoxicating poisen for 6 of those 9 hours. If you want to have a baby "naturally" (which really just means no pain meds, my baby still came out in the manner God originally designed) go for it! I, however, loved my pain free experience and will do it again.
My point is this... all of this is simply a matter of preference and I am tired of others hinting around that I am not honoring God because I plan my family differently and choose the blessed relief of an epidural during childbirth. I have so much respect for women who do it without pain meds, you are much tougher than I and I freely and openly admit that fact. I have no desire to prove that I am as tough as you. To try to do so would be folly and I would fail miserably (and probably end up with an epidural!). All I ask is that you not point and laugh at me for being a wimp :).
As for family planning? The major factor was to why we waited a bit before even thinking about having another baby was because neither adult in this house is what you would call "laid back". We are hyper, easily exciteable, and intense people here. So, we didn't think we would add another child before we felt like we has gotten a small handle on this parenting thing, unless God intervened, of course. What I respect most aabout the women who have loads of kids is that they are easy to please, laid back folks. I envy that type of tempermant and have spent lots of time wishing God had made me that way. Until I realized that I ws grumbling against God for making me the way He did. So, I try to suck it up, be thankful for who I am, and am ever seeking to please God with the tempermant He chose for me.
So, there you have it. My bee in my bonnet. If you have any thoughts that would clarify the mindset I have so thoroughly dissected here, please share! I would love to know what thinking lies behind some of those assertions I've mentioned.

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