Thursday, March 6, 2008

the "perfect" day

Where I live it is sunny and cool today. Perfect playground weather. So, Jackson, Emory, and I headed out to a local park this morning. This particular park has recently become my favorite. It is completely fenced in with only one entrance. All of the equipment is very toddler friendly. Emory could fall off the highest point on the climbing structure, brush herself off, and continue playing. I'm all about that. She's reached a point in her development where I am ignored when we go somewhere new. So, I've resigned myself to enjoying watching her play instead of playing with her. I also get to chat with other moms while everyone amuses themselves. It's awesome.

It is that rare day that everything has fallen into place "perfectly". I timed leaving this morning just right so the kids ate their snack on the way and everyone had had their morning poo, so diapers were fresh. Cups were full and I had money left on a Starbucks giftcard. Since I hadn't had breakfast yet and a grande non-fat, no whip cafe mocha is only 210 calories, I indulged. I sipped my special drink while watching the kids play. It was awesome.

No one cried when it was time to leave. Jackson was obedient and waited patiently while I loaded Emory into the car. Emory patted my arm as I buckled her in and said, "Emmy's mommy" with a grin. It was awesome.

The kids ate a great lunch. No one needed discipline for throwing food or chewing food up and then spitting it out. Both kids asked to go to bed and everyone is resting peacfully. I think I'll go pop in a Frasier DVD because there is nothing pressing to accomplish.

Aahhhh. I love these "perfect" days.

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