Saturday, March 1, 2008

I just have to share this...

Okay, so I am really not complaining at all. While I don't relish the way my trip to Biloxi turned out, you just have to laugh at what went down. Here is the time-line of events:

Wednesday 10:30am - the rugrat and I strike out for the coast
11:30am - some how I end up on I-85 outside of Montgomery because aforementioned rugrat is screaming so loudly that I am severely distracted
11:35am - I have mercy on said toddler and pull over to let her run around in a gas station. She thanks me by acting like a savage and pulling everything off the shelves. Ashamed, I lug her out to the car where I must administer discipline when she attacks me like a badger as I try to put her back in the car.
12:30pm - We stop for lunch in Greenville and toddler runs amok in empty restaurant for an hour.
2:00pm- Sound machine appears and toddler begins to snooze. Ahhh! Blessed silence.
2:30pm - Toddler is now awake and screaming from sheer exhaustion. We press on.
3:30pm - We reach Mobile where my parents reside and make the executive decision to stop and let savage run about.
4:30pm- Back in the car for the last leg to Biloxi.
5:30pm - With rugrat screaming "no, no, no!" in the backseat, I pull into the driveway of mother-in-law's home. YEAH!

Rest of the evening is actually enjoyable. Emory eats a good dinner, goes to bed with no argument and I get ready for a good, long visit.

Thursday 5:00am - I wake up slightly sick. Make a couple of trips to the bathroom and hope the worst is past.
6:00am- Drift back to sleep.
7:45am - Toddler's awake, so I'm up too.
9:00am - Nausea sets in and I am having to make conscious efforts not to get sick. Could I be pregnant? Possible, I guess.
1:00pm - Nausea subsides and I am thankful. I Put the toddler down for a nap and she is happy to comply.
3:00pm - Toddler awakens, screaming, with a 102.5 fever. Great!
4:00pm - Tylenol works, toddler is playing happily.
9:00pm - Getting ready for bed, not pregnant, Auntie Flow has decided that now is a good time for a visit.
9:30pm - Crawling into bed, praying that I am feeling even better tomorrow.
9:35pm - Toddler makes the wierdest sound on the monitor I've ever heard, but no crying. To check or not to check? Curiousity wins and I check. Toddler is lying in a pool of vomit. Glad I checked.
10:00pm- Toddler all cleaned up, sheets are changed, and rocking toddler back to sleep. Although I am prepared to sleep with her in the recliner, she keeps asking for her bed. Suits me. But I don't sleep well, listening for "that" sound again.

Friday 6:30am - Toddler awake with high fever again. Great!
8:00am - It has been a couple of days since our last poopy. Toddler now commences to try and is not at all successful. Much lying on the floor and crying.
8:30am - I run to the store for some glycerin suppositories. They always work!
9:00am- Administer suppository.
9:30am - Success!
10:00am- I am so nauseated that I can't stand up.
1:30pm - Toddler down for a nap. Now my body has begun to ache and fatigue has set in.
2:30pm - I check my temp, 100.5 (VERY rare for me). Great!
2:35pm - Toddler awake because yard men show up a week early.
7:00pm - After barely making it through the evening, I put subdued toddler to bed.
8:30pm - I go to bed. Many, many trips to bathroom during the night, almost not making it several times.

Saturday 7:00am - I call hubby, crying. I am sicker than I've been in a while and I'm at my mother-in-law's house. She is not physically able to help me and is unintentionally creating work for me by trying to do things with Emory that Emory can't do yet. I can't fathom another day of trying to care for her on my own. Surprisingly, yes, driving home with her strapped into a carseat looks like my best option for survival.
9:00am - We leave for home. The trip home is just as unpleasant as the trip down, but I am too sick to even care if she is screaming.
4:00pm - We arrive home sweet home. Ok, so I guess I did care that she was screaming and we stopped a couple of times, but I don't even remember what we did when we stopped. I did remember to feed the kid at 1:30pm.

So, you have to admit... that's pretty funny! You have to laugh to keep from crying... quite possibly the worst trip I've ever had.


Philip and Renie said...

I'm so sorry y'all got hit with the bug! If it's anything like we had, it was 48 hours, 72 tops. Get well soon!

rwilliford said...

Hope you are feeling better! It's hard to be sick away from home.

The Whelans said...

Oh, Sarah! That is so awful that it IS funny. Just think, your next trip will likely be better because it couldn't get much worse! =)
Hope you're back to normal by now...I missed your posts while you were gone!