Thursday, March 13, 2008

sorry to brag...

but, you know you have a sweet husband when, although he's the one home sick from work, you are the one getting the backrub. Generally, I am not the cuddly type. Recently, a friend hugged me as I left Bible study and I literally took a step back. Just not cuddly. And this drives dear hubby nuts, as he is a serious cuddler. One of our many differences, I guess, that just makes for a dynamic and sanctifying marriage.
Although, I don't necessarily enjoyed being hugged, I do like holding hands and I am a sucker for a back rub. So now that I've let that cat out of the bag, don't all of you trample each other to hug me the next time you see me (Beth... you know it crossed your mind).


Reformed Grits said...

Ooo! Ooo! Me either! I'm not a touchy person or huggy and I get TEASED about it bigtime! UGH! ;-) I always joke that it's pretty amazing that a woman who has been pregnant 7 times doesn't like to be touched. Go figure. ;-D

Beth Pruitt said...

All right, fine - I won't hug you. But I'm not holding your hand or rubbing your back either!
See, I might be a hugger, but I can't stand to have my back, neck or shoulders rubbed, especially if I'm already tense. I grit my teeth and politely ask them to stop it!
Anyway, glad your getting some "action" at your house!