Saturday, March 8, 2008

this one's for Aimee...

Thought you'd enjoy the following e-mail banter between me and my folks.

From Mom this morning:

I'm suspicious about having, of all things, gallbladder pain. I've downloaded a diet to follow. Today every hour on the hour I have to take a tsp of this raw beet concoction I had to's not too bad. Good thing I like beets!

I replied:

you're wierd. i don't know about emory staying with you alone. you might feed her eye of newt or something if she gets an earache.

Dad shoots back:

Sarah, I am surprised at you! Eye of newt is not the first line medication for ear infections in a child of less than two years.The preparation of choice is ground up dried tails of rat, made up in a tea, four times a day. Eye of newt is for gout!!!

Brad A. Steffler, MD (Your Daddy)

AND... Mom forwarded me an e-mail from this great new website she's found by a guy named Dr. Mercola.

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rwilliford said...

Dr. Mercola is weird. Run away!