Wednesday, March 26, 2008

a bit 'o clarification...

It came to my attention today that my intent in the previous post was not as clear as I had hoped. So, in the spirit of open communication, please understand that my only point was that I am tired of the binding of consciences that I see in the area of preferences. I was not intending to say that babies should be born with the aid of an epidural, only that having an epidural does not always mean some sort of medical complication. I also did not intend to communicate that babies born by c-section are not born in the manner that God intended. Obviously, God intended for certain babies to be born in that manner. And I am thankful for that type of intervention because one of the woman I regard most in this world would be dead had her first born not been birthed via a c-section. And I really like having her here with me in this life. Again, it was just an attempt to clarify that opting for the epidural doesn't mean you're gonna end up with a c-section. That'a all. Wanna have a baby without pain meds? Great! Just don't try to convince me that because I ask for them as soon as I can that it is a black stain on my record of motherhood. Let me be very clear on one more point... if you've had your baby without pain meds, I don't think you're crazy. I don't get it is all. Kind of like I don't get why some people like gardening or why others hate to cook. It is a matter of preference that I can respect without having to personally subscribe to it.
And yes, as if you can't tell already, I get really irritated when mothers begin to assert the "right" way to have a baby, the "right" way to potty train, or the "right" time to take away a paci. Feel free to enlighten me if you think my motives for any decisions regarding the above are wrong, but don't attack the decision. Each to their own, I say!
Sorry for not being more clear before, hope this post helps.


rwilliford said...

Um, yeah. I've been meaning to tell you for a long time that I think you are sinning in the way you change Emmy's diapers. There really is only one way to do it. I'll have to show you the right way next time I see you. And if you are not putting her right shoe on before you put her left shoe on, then we've got some serious talking to do.

Philip and Renie said...

I'm a firm believer that God is the Master Physician who blessed many doctors and researchers with the ability to invent amazing medical interventions that have allowed for epidurals, pain blocks, and more importantly, amazing interventions that keep little preemie babies alive when just ten years ago, they would have succumbed to the struggles of being born too early. God is good and offers us the ability to remain joyous in His promises and blessings in the complexities of childbirth!