Saturday, March 15, 2008

just some cute Emory stuff...

so, if you are not in the mood to hear me gloat about my seriously cute kid, then just go ahead and proceed to the next blog, my friend. Emory is probably in the camp of being an early communicator. I'm not really sure when kids are supposed to talk, but she definately makes sure we know what she wants. And I love that! It has made being a mommy so much easier. Each morning we cuddle and watch a little bit of cartoons. This morning I was clicking through the channels to find a suitable one. By suitable, I mean one I can actually enjoy. The first cartoon I came to was a version of "Emperor's New Groove". Now, I love that movie and was excited to see a cartoon version of it. I think it is something about the scene where Kronk speaks chipmunk that gets me. Well, because I can never leave well enough alone, I tried the last 2 stations to see what else was available. The only other cartoon was an episode of "Dragon Tales" that we have already seen twice this past week. So, I turned it back to "my" cartoon. Emory's resonse? She looked at me, signed "please", pointed at the remote, and then pointed back at the TV. Guess she likes that episode of "Dragon Tales".

Earlier this week I was clipping her toenails. I only had 3 more to go and she had been very cooperative but began to get antsy. So, I asked her to settle down, mommy only had a few more to do. Her response? "No, one more." complete with holding up her index finger.

She now gets really excited when it is time to get dressed and picking out her clothes for the day is quite an event. She even "helps" by putting every item around her neck like a scarf, including her pants. She's getting there...

And last but not least, we ate lunch at Sam's today because an adult can eat comfortably for $2.50 (including a drink!). She and her daddy split a lemonade. I have never seen such sheer, unadulterated joy on her face. Makes me wish I was her age all over again and that was all it took to make me be beside myself with pleasure. Moments like that remind me that if I stop and view the world through her eyes, I will find myself enjoying life a whole lot more.

Told ya... just some cute Emory stuff.

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