Monday, March 17, 2008

Easter musings...

This is the first year since 2003 that I have "gotten into" the spirit of Easter. That makes me so sad. To recap...
2004 - my mother had been in a serious car accident in March and had sustained serious head injuries. I was still going to the coast where they live, every weekend, to spend as much time as I could helping her with recovery and giving my dad and other siblings a break. On this trip down I had a nasty stomach bug, so I don't think I was even aware it was Easter.
2005 - I was busy planning a wedding and freaking out that I was getting married less than a year after I'd been officially set free from my previous marriage. My mind was sadly not on Easter.
2006 - I was "newly" pregnant, nauseous, tired, and visiting my mother-in-law who'd had a complete shoulder reconstruction. My mind was not on Easter.
2007 - I had a "new" baby and my mind was not on Easter.

However! This year, I have been reading more and more about how others celebrate Easter via the web, and it has been heavily on my mind. And, Emory is old enough to enjoy things like an egg hunt or an Easter basket, so I've been scheming. But then I had some pause over whether or not it was appropriate for us to indulge in these "secular" traditions. Today I read Nancy Wilson's blog and was set free from those concerns. (Check out her link to the left.) I think we will celebrate bigger for Easter than we do for Christmas. After all, it is all part and parcel of my salvation.
So, we will make a big deal out of Emory's new dress and shoes. We will indulge her with candy filled eggs in a basket. I may invite some small friends over this week to dye eggs with us to hide on Sunday. I may even go get Emory the Cookie Monster that is missing from her collection. And, I think I will celebrate by getting myself a pretty new dress since I really don't own that many with "color" (Aimee, you'll get that reference.) and I think Eric will be receiving a new dress shirt. He hasn't bought any new ones since we've been married, and I not sure how long he's had the ones he's already got.
Celebrate Easter, my friends! We've been given an awesome gift through the death and resurrection of Christ. Let's not allow the day to go by like just any other Sabbath.

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Abby said...

sarah, hey! i hope you had a great easter! it was so nice to hear from you over on PFFAG- i am always amazed at who knows about my silly old blog. it was sweet of you to stop by :) and i always love seeing that people i know have their own blogs too! try as i might, i rarely attach myself to a blog of a complete stranger. anyway, i hope you had a blessed day yesterday. we had SNOW! but it was lovely, even in sandals and white sleeveless dresses :)