Friday, March 14, 2008

random thoughts

someone asked me this afternoon what I will be doing this weekend. This weekend will be an all out blitz to get the house in shape before our photo shoot Monday morning. And I have to try and round up childcare since I have decided that I can pay attention during the photo shoot and accomodate the photographer in whatever means necessary to get this house sold without a toddler running amok. And my sister's wedding is bearing down on me, as the next week kicks off the multitude of teas and showers I am both hosting and expected to attend. And I am helping hostess a baby shower. And my MIL called to day she would be here for Easter weekend, which means I have to come up with a Easter Sunday menu and I wasn't even planning to cook. And there is the threat of a nasty stomache bug lurking among us. And I havn't gotten to run in over 3 weeks due to illness and travel.

I know, I know... boo hoo. Most of the above sounds like a week out of everyone else's day planner too. People are often remarking that life gets busier with each generation, but I disagree with that. I think humans have always lived busy and chaotic lives. Like our dear pastor said recently, "People used to make soap, now we buy ours." I think he meant that life has always been busy, it is the type of business that has changed. We, as a family, find that we are always fighting to maintain the choice of the excellent over the good. It is so hard, since there seem to be so many worthy pursuits.

And, we are called to serve others, and then we've been given a spouse and now children as well. So, how do you juggle it all? How do you serve others without neglecting those God has given you to serve at home? And, conversely, how do you serve your family without neglecting the church body and the lost? Does anyone else out there struggle with this balancing act? Just some random thoughts.

And just when you wonder if there is any part of life here on earth that makes any sense, Mississippi State beats Alabama in the quarter finals of the SEC basketball tournament and you know there is a common grace. Go Dawgs!

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