Wednesday, March 12, 2008

life is about to get CRAZY!

and not because there will be another Skocelai, though we do hope that it won't be long before news of another Baby Skotch is making the blogger world headlines! No, it is because we have officially put a contract on another house, and ours goes on the market on Monday. Such an exciting and nerve wrecking process. I have never personally bought or sold a home. I was a renter until Eric and I married in 2005, and he owned our home already when we met. So, there is a lot of newness in my future.
Although I am excited, I am also scared witless. Only because how do you sell your home on your own, while chasing a rambunctious toddler who makes messes far faster than you can clean them, and are completely unable to "clear out" anything to make the house look larger because there is not a bit of spare space anywhere. I'm completely serious. There is not even an extra inch of space anywhere; not in the sheds, closests, cupboards, or even under the beds. I suppose in a pinch I could use the bathtub and just pull the shower curtain.
Anyhoo, we are totally in love with the house we've found and I've already begun placing the furniture in each room. Mentally, of course. To do physically would just be wierd right now. Any ideas on what to do with Miss Wiggles while I try to make it look like a toddler doesn't really live here?


Philip and Renie said...

POD. And not for Emory, for the stuff.

the skocelai said...

but i bet emory would so love to play in a pod...