Sunday, March 16, 2008

dumb things mommies say...

Emory had a bad day. And, I told her at lunch that it makes me sad that she was so naughty on the Sabbath. I mean, she's supposed to give me rest today, right? A long nap, eating without fussing about it, complete and cheerful obedience... those are all things I deserve on the Sabbath, right? Apparently not.
My point is, when she awoke way earlier than was safe from her nap, we decided to get the heck out of dodge and loaded her in the car. Our destination? Botanical Gardens. We figured she's get a kick out of the large Koi and pretty flowers. Well, when we got there, I made the rookie mistake of taking her out of the stroller to show her the pretty flowers. There was a retaining wall in front of the flower bed, so I attempted to hold her hand and show her how to walk along the wall. Bad idea. It was an "I do it myself or I make you miserable kind of day."
With a serious fit brewing, I panicked (I don't handle fits in public well), held her as close to me as I could without breaking eye contact and said, "You stop that right now!" as quiet and as menacingly as I could :). Well, it worked. She stopped dead in her tracks and I cheerfully announced that we were getting back into the stroller.
I laughed the rest of the evening at myself. Who says that to a toddler? Don't you love/hate it when your attempt to correct your child's behavior leaves you tounge tied and feeling as though you have mush for brains?

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